Kazo district have hailed government for its commitment towards provision of safe water for its population.

Government commended for provision of safe water for the population.

Authorities in Kazo district have hailed government for its commitment towards provision of safe water for its population.

The comments were made during the commissioning and handover of completed water and sanitation projects (boreholes) at Ijwara and Kabimba, both in Magondo Parish, Burunga sub-county.

James Tandeka, the LC I chairman Ijwara cell appreciated the government for the initiative noting that the borehole will save the area residents from the water crisis.

Tandeka asked for provision of another borehole to address the rampant water scarcity especially during the dry season.

Speaking at the handover of Kabimba borehole, Moses Kambaho, the area councillor, also the sub-county speaker appreciated the district leadership for the project and asked them to consider upgrading it to a solar piped water scheme to serve a bigger population.

Kambaho notified the district leadership that there is an urgent need for clean water in Rwabahera village, also in Magondo parish.

Kambaho further appreciated the residents of Kabimba and Kenwa for utilizing the new safe water source of Kabimba borehole.

Representing the district engineer, Sesanga Vicent, the district foreman of works revealed that the mandate of government is to ensure that the population can access safe and clean water within a distance of 1km.

Sesanga asked the beneficiaries to protect the boreholes, establish water user committees, bye-laws for the water source and user register for the beneficiaries of the project.

Keith Bahemuka, the deputy CAO, asked the user committees to be responsible and for the beneficiaries to avoid conflicting.

Rev Samuel Mugisha Katugunda, the district LC V chairperson attributed the water projects to the good working relationship between the area councillors and district leaders.

Capt. Yahaya Kakooza, the RDC noted that the work of the district is to implement projects like these and asked the beneficiaries to appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Kakooza also asked the beneficiaries to ensure they use clean jerrycans to draw the water and boil it before drinking it.

The commissioning of Ijwara and Kabimba boreholes was witnessed by a section of area residents, local leaders and presided over by the district leadership led by the RDC, LC V chairman, the district speaker, secretary of works and technical services, the technical team led by Deputy CAO.