Kazo District Local Government, came into being as a result of the people’s wishes and authority of Parliament effective July, 2019 to bring services closer to the people. It is one of the districts in the South Western region of Uganda and was curved out of Kiruhura District as of FY 2019/2020. It is comprised of of 10 administrative units with 08 sub-counties and two town councils. The predominant economic activity is livestock farming and crop growing.

Kazo district is in the Masaka-Ankole cattle corridor. It is bordered by Kyegegwa District in the North, Ibanda District in the West, Kiruhura District in the East and South, Kamwenge in the North West and Sembabule in the North East. The District is crossed by the Equator line. The coordinates of Kazo District are: (Latitude: 250374; Longitude: 9994497). Kazo District headquarters are located in Kazo Town Council and the district has a land area of 1551 sq. Km.

DISTRICT VISION: A prosperous community accessing quality social and economic services for sustainable development by 2040.

DISTRICT MISSION: Delivery of quality services to the community through an effective service delivery system with an emphasis on infrastructure for community transformation and sustainable development.